Where are you located and how do I get in touch with you?

I am located in Little Rock, Arkansas. You can either call us at  1-501-227-0466 or send me an email here.

How long will it take to ship my net from the time of purchase?

Most of the time, orders for premade nets available in the online store will ship out within 2 business days. Shipping times will be posted on the cart and checkout pages. Custom orders will be given a ship date at the time of the order.

Can Stonefly Nets make custom nets?

Absolutely! I am more than happy to work with you to design a custom inlay or help you select the woods used for your net.

Can I send you wood to use in my custom net?

You can supply some or all of the wood for your net. To be up front, sending wood will not lower the cost of your net very much ($25-$50) as most of the cost is labor. Please contact me before your sent me a box full of wood.

What do you use for your inlays?

I use a combination of crushed and powered turquoises because it adds a nice pop of color regardless of the wood color. If you would like to make a special request for inlay materials, just contact me. I am more than happy to use a material of your choice to create your special net!

Do your nets include a magnetic carry system?

None of my nets include this feature. I do offer the Tight Line Magnetic Net Release for sale on the website. After trying out several different option, I like these the best. You will find them for sale here.

How are your nets finished?

All of my nets are finished with 2 coats of tung oil varnish. After those coats have dried, 5 coats of a high quality water based exterior polyurethane are applied. All of my burl handles are soaked in a acrylic fluid for stabilization. If you are ordering a custom net you can specify a finish option.

What are the differences in your nets?

Brookie Net: These are the smallest nets I offer and are great for those who will be fishing smaller streams or lakes. This is a great net if a 10″ to 12″ fish will be a trophy fish for you that day. Not to worry it can easily handle a bigger fish when the time comes.

Backcountry Nets: These are the second smallest nets I offer and are great for those who will be bushwhacking to smaller streams or lakes. This is a great net if a 12″ to 15″ fish will be a trophy fish for you that day.

Small River Nets: This net is bridging the gap between my Backcountry and River Nets. This can easily handle fish in the 17″+ range. This is a great option for someone who fishing larger streams and rivers.

River Net Series: have a 13″x 19″ Hoop with a 15″ or 22½” handle for an overall length of 34″ or 41½”. These net are my midsize nets and come in two handle lengths. I use this net most of the time when I know landing fish in the 18″+ range will be the norm for the day. These nets are great for river wade fishing or from a kayak/belly boat.

Guide Net: This is the largest net I make and is really for a guide or for use in a boat. This net is almost 51″ so you won’t want to carry and fish with this net. This is a custom order at this time.

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